Blues at the Bow

A Slice of Blues Heaven on the Canadian Prairie

Blues at the Bow is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing top-tier live blues music and blues musicians to Southern Alberta.

Located in the historic Bow Theatre - Bow Island, Alberta Canada - the house is a down-home club in the tradition of juke joints of old. We have combined the great sound of a concert venue with the social and dance benefits of a bar. Crankin' out rocking live blues, Blues at the Bow has garnered the distinction of being a listener's venue, as well as a dance-party haven.

Blues at the Bow opens it's doors to national and international-level artists and it's history of sold-out performances, along with high praise from the musicians alike, attest to the magic of the place. A balcony, three-tiered levels of table and chair seating and the sunken, infamous sloped dance floor, provides excellent sight-lines. On site, a state-of-the-art sound system, that is second to none, lets you absorb the music. 

Blues at the Bow is a non-profit organization run by a committee of devote volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact us. 

In 1993, the Bow Island Historical Society renovated the theatre and formed the Blues at the Bow.

We invite you to join us for all of our upcoming performances. There's always a good show ... at the Bow!



Stuart Couillard 1957-2010


Excerpt: February 12, 2005 - Blues at the Bow BLUESLETTER - by Arlene Cleland


Stu Couillard - Bow Island


As we enter our 10th anniversary year, we wish to acknowledge the person who is to blame for this wonderful obsession that we call ‘Blues at the Bow’. Highly respected in the Blues community by the musicians and others in the field of The Arts for his creation of this venue and stewardship of this non-profit Society; Founder, Artistic Director, Janitor, Ticket Sales, Renovations, Promoter, Driving Force, You-Name-It-He’s-Done-It, Volunteer Extraordinaire, but most of all, Stu laid out the solid, winning groundwork for the ‘philosophy’ behind Blues at the Bow that we strive to honour to this day. Stu’s vision has provided a top-notch venue for artists to perform and be employed, exposed many to world-class musicians and music that they might otherwise never have experienced and has benefited this community in innumerable ways. His efforts have ultimately brought countless people together in celebration from all corners of this province and beyond and has also spawned and inspired others in towns and cities to emulate this winning formula and passion. Talk about cultural tourism and the preservation and successful maintenance of an historic site! Solely volunteer managed/operated and with a limited (to say the least) budget.


Even though we know that Blues at the Bow’s longevity and history of sold-out performances speaks for itself where Stu is concerned, we wish to offer up this overdue, much deserved and heartfelt acknowledgement. One of the most successful live Blues music venues in all of North America... What an accomplishment! Congratulations on all you have done, Stu. As Blues musician Rusty Reed said, while on stage at the very first house-rockin’ Bow Theatre concert - December 17, 1994… “Bow Island, eh?? ..Who knew???”


Happy 10th Anniversary Blues at the Bow. Here’s to another 10.


-The Board of Directors 2005.



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