Blues at the Bow

A Slice of Blues Heaven on the Canadian Prairie

Blues at the Bow is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing top-tier live blues music and blues musicians to Southern Alberta.

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Special Thanks

The Members

Sincerest gratitude and appreciation goes out to each individual member and to our corporate members. You, as a member, are the sole reason we are alive, thriving and successful. This is your club and it is your Membership that makes it all happen. Many thanks!

Corporate Members and Donors

  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts

  • Agro Plus Solutions

  • Bareman Farms Ltd.

  • Courtland Hill Farms

  • Crop Production Services Vauxhall

  • Dendron Services

  • Dr. J.P. Gallimore

  • Girls on the Go Realty Team

  • Glas Equipment

  • Greg's Remedy Rx

  • Hillview Corporation

  • Kasko Cattle Co. Ltd.

  • Kolen Farms

  • Perry Quest Ltd.

  • Pigs Fly Farms

  • Prairie Sprinter

  • Premium Savings Passport

  • Promax Agronomy Services

  • Skykate Farms Ltd.

  • South Island Farms

  • Summit Motors Ltd.

  • Top Crop Aerial Applicators

The Volunteers

Some people have been with the club from the beginning, and some have just begun in their service to it. It is these people, every single person that has helped in any way, that started the Blues Club and keep it going. Whether they show up for a work party, or devote themselves to becoming a director, they have played a crucial part in the evolution of Blues at the Bow. It would truly be a feat if every name could be included here, but it would be nearly impossible. The list is far too long. This part of the web page is dedicated to the Volunteers, the die-hards, and to everyone who makes the show happen.

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